With my daughters, baby Adrienne, born February 27, 2014, and Genesis, who is 4

On June 22nd, 2013, I paced nervously in my tiny bathroom. I hate waiting for most things, but waiting for a pregnancy test is the worst. I needed to know if I was pregnant or just suffering from food poisoning. After a few long minutes, I took a deep breath and glanced down. POSITIVE! I flung the door open and showed it to my husband. We wore identical wide grins and hugged each other tightly. For some odd reason, we actually wanted another crying, pooping, expensive human being.

Our only child was ecstatic about her new brother or sister. Over the next few months, we slowly trickled the news out to our family, friends, and (of course) Facebook. We finally revealed the sex of our baby to everyone in January 2014, just one month shy of my due date. We were having another healthy baby girl! Our social media timelines and phones were flooded with the anticipated congratulatory messages.

What we didn’t anticipate was some of the negative and offensive comments about having another child of the same sex. Since I was already a mom, I knew how idiots come out of nowhere and try to police what you should do during and after a pregnancy. But, this was on a whole new level. A simple announcement suddenly made my uterus a hotter topic than the thickening plot of Scandal.

These are just a few of the stupid statements I have heard since I announced the sex of my second child:

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  • ashleydark

    whoa wtf, is this 1800s and you have to fund your daughters dowry? thats a shitty thing to say

  • De_Ann

    Tell them to stop hating. It’s none of their business anyway.

  • Vuyo87

    I can relate, I have 2 girls and my baby daddy has 2 older girls. Because I had a C Section, I can only have one and I’m not planning on another. I simply feel that there are many young boys in both our families whom we already treating as our sons. So, I just feel that this whole “you man needs” a boy mess it played out. There is so much more we could be focusing on. I experience these sexist comments as well and my solution is to just state that I am blessed with Queens who will run the world one of these days.