Chris Brown in court May 1 - Photo: REUTERS/PAUL BUCK/POOL

Chris Brown in court May 1 – Photo: REUTERS/PAUL BUCK/POOL

A Los Angeles judge just hit Chris Brown with a lengthy jail sentence after the singer admitted he violated probation.

After acknowledging his involvement in an alleged Washington D.C. assault, Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin sentenced Brown to 365 days in jail, but gave the singer credit for the 234 days he has already spent in rehab and jail.

Brown’s sentence stems from the 2009 assault of his then-girlfriend Rihanna. He is still facing misdemeanor assault charges after a man accused Brown and his bodyguard of beating him up outside a Washington D.C. hotel.

Given Los Angeles County’s overcrowded jail system it is unclear how much of the 131 day sentence Brown will actually serve, but it’s clear that his legal woes have negatively impacted his career. Brown’s much-anticipated “comeback” album X has been pushed back several times amid his legal troubles and it’s not clear when it will be released.

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  • G

    While Chris Brown is responsible and should be held accountable for his actions, I can’t help but wonder, what went wrong in his day to day up bringing?

    Because something was wrong in his life, long before the money and fame. Several people turned a blind eye to his problems, an as Chris made ever more money, everyone around him (parents, record company [they don’t raise your kids] . . . etc) just let him run wild.

    His ever growing ego runs unchecked, all of which has lead to this horrible outcome.

    • Ava

      He was raped when he was eight. Saw his mother being abused.

    • Secret87

      I was raped when I was 6 and saw my mom being abused too for years, in two marriages with gun at her. I never been to jail, and I volunteer on the week ends.

    • yes, but you are not Chris Brown.

      power to you for being able to find healing and break the cycle. but you are not Chris Brown.

    • Secret87

      There are people who are just like Chris jail record, and abusive ways who were never raped. Yes Im not chris brown, but millions around the world have had almost the exact upbringing as him and some even wealthy who are not doing what he is doing.

      I won’t give chris brown excuses.
      O.J was never raped, rumor of he had drugs and killed his wife.

      Lil wayne was raped, but not serving time and didn’t abuse any women like chris brown did.

      I may not be chris brown, but before he ever became famous men like him who get WEALTH and a little FAME sometimes throw it all away by doing this.

      Also I believe he really have some form of mental disorder and need meds to help him. Also needs to continue his anger management.

      I work with raped victims as well and none both coming from wealth to poor are not in and out of jail.
      I don’t believe in excuses.

    • PenwayHeinz

      Of course, there are millions of people around the world that have been through similar situations as Chris Brown and aren’t abusing women and going in and of jail. But you don’t know what self-destructive patterns they have because they don’t all manifest the same way. It’s not about giving excuses or giving passes, it’s about being empathetic and understanding that you can’t judge everybody with an “but I didn’t do that” attitude. These millions of people that have been through similar situations don’t have wealth and fame compounded on top of their issues. Many of these people are doing their dirt but haven’t been outed or gotten caught.

    • Secret87

      Excuses. The boy has bipolar disorder and if you know some you will understand that as fact.

    • PenwayHeinz

      If you believe it to be excuses, that’s fine. But I know that’s not what I’m giving him. I completely understand disorder because I have it. I was diagnosed when I was 19 after trying to deal with the murder of my brother for two years on my own.

      A friend of mine was diagnosed recently after trying to deal with the mental and emotional pain of being physically and sexually abused for many years. I was the one that diagnosed him years before he sought a professional because I saw the signs.

      I’m not saying I’m the authority for bipolar disorder but my experiences with the disease tell me the rages/depression is much more than purely genetics.

    • Ava

      There’s a good choice he has a mental illness because of the abuse. I don’t know if he’s ever gotten help because of what happened to him. Everyone’s situation is different. It’s not fair to use yours as an example for everyone else.

    • Secret87

      Not just me, but many others. I work with these people and see the effects of what it does. Bipolar disorder is not brought on due to abuse it is said to be genetic. It was in the news he had it. His rage and attacking others and behavior are signs of bipolar.

    • ok, this isn’t about excuses or about saying that he’s special in anyway.

      I don’t think Ava was making excuses and neither was I. Chris Brown’s history plays a part in his current issues. it’s not the only factor but dismissing either in that “oh i was raped too but i don’t beat woman” approach is unhelpful.

      there are a myriad of external things including internal issues at play. it seems to me that Chris Brown has never dealt with his issues or even recognised them. and since that night he beat Rihanna, he’s been “running”, he has made excuses, had excuses made for him and the people around (for many reasons including not knowing how to deal with a kid who’s the breadwinner or protection their own checks) have made excuses. all of this including bipolar and PTSD.

      my point is – just taking your experience and transposing it on to this guys experience isn’t the right approach, certainly as someone who deals with rape victims should know better. we can go on all day throwing examples of how one person is raped once and is destroyed versus how another person is raped multiple times and isn’t destroyed… where does this end up?

      this isn’t a cookie cutter situation. yes – no excuses. but also no to cookie cutter approaches either.

    • Jacqueline

      There is a saying that is steeped in humbleness: “There but for the Grace of God, go I”

    • Afropunk

      **edit** still figuring out how these comments work – I didn’t mean this as a direct response to Secret87, but at the bottom of all the responses acting like bipolar disorder is the reason why Chris Brown is violent.

      This is really what we all need – more reinforcement that mental illness = violence… not.

      I’m bipolar too, and guess what? I’ve never hit anyone, nor anything in a “fit of rage.” Can we please stop acting like mania = violence? You are doing mental illness a disservice, especially for those who have never had a personal experience with mental illness. There are far, far more people who behave violently who are NOT mentally ill, than people who are violent because they ARE.


      So please, PLEASE stop linking the two. If someone does not know how to deal with their anger in a healty manner, that is NOT a mental illness – in fact, a sizeable number of people in our population do not know how to deal with their emotions in a healthy manner. They might shop too much, or drink alcohol, or be in unhealthy relationships. Does that make them mentally ill? No, it does not.

  • Chauntelle

    Celebrities. I’m sick of them and their money always getting them out of trouble.

  • Mary Burrell

    That looks like Mark Geragos Michael Jackson’s attorney. I hope Chris can get some help.