052914 Nasir Fleming

After being initially nominated for both prom king and queen at Danbury High School, Connecticut teen Nasir Fleming has made local history by opting for the prom queen title.

But despite the outpouring of support and excitement for Fleming, there are those haterswho criticize the school for allowing him to don his rhinestone tiara as prom queen.

The 17-year-old doesn’t let that bother him, though.

“If a person can win a title for a different gender, why can’t a transgender person win that title?” he asks, although he isn’t transgender. Fleming wrote on his YouTube page, “Even though I identify as male, winning this title is a statement against transphobia. As gay people, more or less, are becoming accepted in society, [transgender] people are still discriminated against severely.”

Prom king, Rohit Das, offered to share the traditional dance with Fleming, but the two ended up dancing with their respective dates.

“To be able to say, ‘Even though I’m straight and like girls, I’m willing to dance with a gay guy at the prom’ is huge,” Fleming says of Das.

Fleming gives mad credit to his “uber-supportive” family. “I live with my uncle and he was more excited about me being crowned that I was…I don’t know if I would have had the opportunity to be who I am and be elected as prom queen if it wasn’t for him raising me.”


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  • Dasia

    He was nominated for both titles but choose the crown of Prom Queen. So obviously people were voting for him for Prom King & Queen which I find a bit weird because he said he is not transgendered, but he choose the crown he wanted. So nothing wrong with that.

    • Kai26

      There is something wrong with that. He possibly took the title away from a girl who may have wanted it.

  • That’s not fair to the girls, this bothers me so much for some reason. A guy & a girl should be chosen, it’s only fair. I would be pissed if I was running for Queen and lost to a guy.

  • chinaza

    It’s not about sexual preference but fairness and the title of prom queen rightfully belongs to a genetic female. No-one would have challenged it for fear of being labeled “homophobic”, a label used to bully persons who disagree with such outcomes. What about all those girls who may have dreamed of having that achievement? Not fair.

  • Zoe

    Yeah i dont get it. He clearly stated that he identifies as male. So why was the option given of prom queen? So two males hold the titles and what did the girls get?

  • 1Viewer

    God is not the author of confusion…