• ALM247

    Is anyone surprised by this? He and Jay-z reportedly had a huge falling out when they ended their partnership.

    Once again, this gives more gasoline to the fire that is the argument that all of this was over Rachel Roy. Dame must have really been in love with her. If it’s true, Jay-z is foul for flirting with her. Not only is Jay-z married, but he broke the bro code by flirting with his former friend’s ex-wife.

    Then he throws shade by saying that he would not have handled the situation the same way. He also seems to allude to the fact that he may have gotten physical if he had been attacked in the elevator.

    He also confirms how fake some of these celebs are. Apparently, Jay-z has a history of faking it for the cameras.

    Why didn’t they just ask him the million dollar question…has Jay-z done something inappropriate with your ex, and is this the real reason that your partnership ended? These bootleg at home interviews…LOL

    Dame alludes to it, but he seems to be trying to convince himself that Jay-z wouldn’t do something like that, even while saying how corporate Jay-z is and how Jay-z “plays the game” to keep up an image.

    Notice that he referred to Rachel as “my wife” in present tense, instead of calling her his “ex-wife” or “the mother of my daughters”.

  • Delia

    Where’d he pop up from? Straight came out the woodworks for this topic lol

  • Kamala Jones

    Well, Dame has nice appliances :-)

  • Anonin

    Man I will never understand what aaliyah saw in him, too bad jet li was married they had chemistry.

  • Night

    He is so annoying