Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 11.55.27 AMDonald Sterling really thinks black people are stupid. Now he’s trying to make us believe that what we heard was actually foreplay. Never mind his explicit remarks had nothing to do with sex. But apparently he’s the stupid one because he hasn’t caught on that his convos are now regularly recorded.

RadarOnline followed up a recording from Wednesday, where Sterling denies being a racist because he’s a Jew who grew up in East L.A., with this new audio footage on Friday:

“I’m talking to a girl. I’m trying to have sex with her,” he says in the recording. “I’m trying to play with her. If you were trying to have sex with a girl, and you’re talking to her privately and you don’t think anybody is there, you may say anything in the world. What difference does it make?”

Then the convo switches specifically to V. Stiviano:

“The girl is black. I like her. I’m jealous that she’s with other black guys. I want her. So what the hell? Can’t I, in private, tell her, you know, ‘I don’t want you to be with anybody?

Am I a person? Do I have any freedom of speech? I wish Magic Johnson was talking to a girl. And, you’re trying to play with her, and you might say anything! You might say you have the biggest penis in the world! I would have said I could fly over a high rise building if I had to.”

We must’ve listened to a different recording because I heard something along the lines of no pictures with black people on social media and no black people at his games; there was nothing close to a 80-year-old penis or Superman role-play.

“And you’re talking to her, and you go away, and the next thing, three months later, what you said when you’re hot, trying to get in her, is released,” he continues.

But I’m just going to let that double entendre go and say Donald Sterling might want to try a different approach to get in a black woman’s panties. And he might want to stay off of the phone, too.




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