Looks like singer The Dream wants to crew up and join Pharrell and the ranks of “the new Black.”

In his latest effort titled “Black,” The Dream aka Terius Nash, ditches his usual playboy anthems to croon a more “conscious” tune about the troubles of the world.

“Black” takes aim at Donald Sterling, Cliven Bundy, gay marriage and host of hot button social issues. The video features provocative images of protests, civil rights heroes like Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X; cultural icons like Nelson Mandela, Harvey Milk; and random shots of unnamed Africans as The Dream croons, “Let’s go home.”

The song is fueled by the chorus, “I’m feeling real Black right now,” which the Huffington Post called “powerful.”

Though the song seems like The Dream’s effort to capitalize on the news cycle and be “deep,” I can’t help but wonder about the timing. “Black” was released just a day before TMZ broke the news that he is wanted by the NYPD for allegedly punching and strangling his girlfriend last April when she was pregnant.

While “Black” isn’t my idea of a great protest anthem, I was ready to let it pass with just an eye roll until the song ended and The Dream drove home his point with the words:

“Black isn’t just a color. Black isn’t just a race anymore. It’s a feeling and a place from which one feels isolated by the world of the governing elite. ‘Classism is the new racism.’ This is what black feels like.”

Uh, no Terius, it’s not.

Though some would like to believe that we’ve moved past racism onto other issues, as both Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling illustrated this week: racism is the new racism. Always has been and it always will be.

What do you think of The Dream’s “Black”?

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  • Vag Owner

    he’s just dumb. what did he think slavery was? were blks middle class then? no. laws were made to make sure blks stayed in the lower class. when slavery was over and it was illegal for blks to hold certain jobs & they had to be sharecroppers were not the laws forcing blks into the lower class? when laws were made trying to take away blk right to vote wasn’t that the low forcing blks to the lower class? it has been a mixture of law & social issues forcing blks into the lower class even today. all of that money and he can’t afford one history book? does he just use his money to sleep with women and avoid his kids? such a sorry sap

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