Amidst Twitter chat on holistic and preventative medicine yesterday, Erykah Badu dropped a few tidbits on sex and relationships. You see, the secret to a sweet “box” is cranberry juice, she says. And she adds that just as men don’t like it when we open our box all fast and willy-nilly, the rule applies in reverse, too.

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  • She made some good points yesterday and yes, fruits are a great way to sweeten your vagina!

  • Sad

    “IMPORTANT Note to MEN:

    Women really don’t dig guys who give it up too easy. Respect yourself. Make us wait. :-b”

    Really? Lol. You got three kids from three different men. Take ya own advice.

    • Tanielle

      Hope you respond the same way when men like Steve Harvey, Tyrese, and all the other black men with checkered pasts feel they need to give black women advice.

    • Sad

      What exactly is your point and what does it have to do with my comment? You clearly have nothing of significance to say and I have zero interest in providing whatever attention you desperately crave. Go away.

    • Black Male Privilege

      Jesus Christ can we keep black men out of the blame game for just one topic. The above post dealt only with the source of the advise in the above topic. Which was applicable and germane to the subject at hand. Some these posters on here will somehow blame fall of civilization and a zombie apocalypse on black men if they had a chance. Good God….

    • sarah djarnie

      I agree with you too!

    • sarah djarnie

      LOL Agree!

    • Aiych

      She might not have given it up easily though. She was involved with those men in a relationship for a period of time, it’s not like it was a one night stand. Having sex (and kids) with three people is hardly worthy of any scrutiny, especially considering her age. If she was 20, it would be a whole different story.

  • binks

    Miss Badu told no lies on both tweets, it isn’t a secret that a healthy balance diet plays a role in sexual health and um…”pleasantries” for you and your partner.