Intel, CNN Films & Vulcan Productions the New York Premiere of "Girl Rising"

Want to hear a funny story about the hashtag #bringbackourgirls? Well, it was started by Ibrahim Musa Abdullahi an attorney in Nigeria on April 23, just days after more than 200 girls were abducted in Nigeria.

Abdullahi got the idea to use the hashtag after he heard a speech by World Bank Vice President Obiageli Ezekwesili. During the speech, Ezekwesili chanted “bring back our daughters.”  So instead of Abdullahi using the word “daughters” he changed it to “girls” so it could be universal.

It’s been three weeks since the hashtag was created and so far over 2 million tweets have used it. But here comes Ramaa Mosely, a filmmaker from California, trying claim that she started it.

In an interview with ABC, Mosley (@marystrawberry), said that after hearing the story of the girls, she felt the need to do something, so she created the hashtag. In similar a similar way that Columbus Discovered America.

Mosley denied any wrong doing, by saying she was trying to help. But it’s odd that the networks that have been interviewing her failed to do any real research on who created the hashtag.  I’m sure some may say, “Why does it matter who created it?” Well it matters when you’re attempting to say you created something, just so it can give your own projects a boost.

It was discovered that CNN recently paid Mosley $500,000 for the rights to air her documentary about the education of girls. Coincidence? I think not.

Black people can’t have anything. Including hashtags and the recognition of something that spawned a serious movement.

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  • BriA
  • blowmymind

    They’ve even stolen our booties and lips! Flat azzes, thin lips, and pale skin used to be the desired thing.

  • shesblack

    i dont like white people

    – cambodian-american male

    • eve-audrey

      Yup and you guys have wide noses too what’s your point?

    • blowmymind

      And you guys can use dental floss as a blindfold so what’s YOUR point??

    • Anthony

      My family lived in the Phillipines for a while many years ago. My Mom said was mistaken for a Filipina on a few occasions.

    • rain

      you guys came directly from Africans, duh

  • this is beyond disgusting.

    i don’t understand people who see tragedies, real life problems as a way to brand and promote themselves. even besides “stealing” the hashtag, this woman (and other like her) turned the spotlight on herself “look at me i’m a saint, i care so much for those suffering that i create a hashtag, i’m so awesomely more human than all of you”

    makes me sick. this isn’t a branding exercise. human lives are at stake.

    the media is finally paying attention to this but how are they framing it? “oh look even a celebrity tweeted a pic about it”


  • ashleydark

    paul mooney told yall “white people don’t want you to have nothing” you can’t even suffer in peace without them making about them