Cancer Research Institute's Through the Kitchen Benefit

The Cancer Research Institute’s recently held its annual “Through the Kitchen” benefit which managed to raise $1.2 million this year. This year’s theme was “Celebrating the Art of Dance”, but some attendees felt the hip-hop themed table went too far.

According to Pagesix, the hip-hop table that was honoring break-dancing included a figure of a  black man with big red lips and a boombox as well as fake  marijuana and gold chains. The weed was labeled “sticky icky” and “tabacky”. Because that’s what break-dancing was known for (sarcasm).

One attendee was not impressed at all.  “The other tables were done respectfully,” said an observer. “Why did they have to put the pot on the hip hop table? Really?”

Guests included a bunch of rich white people, like Michael Bloomberg, Ronald Lauder, Lloyd Blankfein, Leon Black, Charles Bronfman, Agnes Gund and organizer Lauren Veronis.

The event organizer released as statement apologizing:

“We deeply apologize for the unintended offense,” and, “This is a festive party known for its tongue-in-cheek humor aimed at all aspects of culture, history and New York life . . . nothing is intended to be offensive. If anyone took offense, we are deeply, deeply sorry.”

He added, “Each themed table is heavily researched . . . to accurately capture the essence of the subject. The designers found an overwhelming association — propagated by the hip hop artists themselves through their lyrics — between hip hop and marijuana,” and, “The doll chosen for the table is marketed as a hip hop performer and can be purchased online. That he is ostensibly African-American is beside the point. I wonder if any offense would have been taken if the doll depicted a Caucasian performer”.

Well at least it wasn’t crack rocks?

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