We may never know the real reason why Solange attacked Jay Z, but over the weekend Saturday Night Live gave us a fake reason. The opening sketch featured Jay Z (Jay Pharoah) and Solange (Sasheer Zamata) explaining why the fight went down after the Met Gala, with the rapper’s bodyguard (Kenan Thompson) standing by just in case Solange decided to pop off again.

After explaining that they’ve made up, the two introduced the clip with audio. The video showed that Solange was actually trying to save Jay Z from a spider.

“Oh my God, there’s a spider on you,” Solange said.

Jay Z asked her to “kick it” to get rid of it, then added, “Thanks again for that help with the spider … I got arachnophobia.”

At the end of the sketch, Beyoncé makes an appearance  in a surprise cameo by former “SNL” star Maya Rudolph.

“If you think I condone this invasion of privacy … then you must not know ’bout me,” she said, quoting her song “Irreplaceable.”

Take a look at the clip below:

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  • I thought this was pretty hilarious. Good job, SNL.


  • Jenb

    I choose to believe that this is what happened lol. I love Maya, looking forward to her show

  • Black Male Privilege

    Sad just sad…. A celebration of violence, ha ha ha… Smdh

    • RuthM

      It’s not necessarily funny, but it is ironic. Jay-Z made his millions from his celebration of violence.

    • omfg


    • G

      Yup, no shame in J’s game.

    • G

      Besides in Hip Hop, violence against Black women is celebrated all the time!

    • Black Male Privilege

      I agree but that a deflection argument that does nothing to speak to the topic at hand. I wouldn’t laugh at spoof that makes light of violence against black women nor would you.

    • RuthM

      I’m sorry, brotha. Yes, I laughed. Especially when she yelled, ‘foot five’ at the kicks.

      Had it not been for Jay-Z’s exhaustive exploitation of violence in the Black community maybe I would take heed to your argument.It’s simply a matter of chickens coming home to

      If the girl had beaten someone other than this dude, you would have my full support.

  • TSK

    That was hilarious. Maya Rudolph’s impressions of Beyoncé were always funny! And the voice over of the footage was pretty damn hilarious too