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At this very moment, my Facebook pals are engaged in a heated debated about a recent picture of Willow Smith many have called sketchy at best, and down right gross at worse.

The snap in question finds the 13-year-old singer and actress lounging in what appears to be a bed near 20-year-old former Hanna Montana star Moises Arias.

TMZ published the picture with the provocative headline: “Will & Jada’s Daughter Photographed in Bed with 20-Year-Old Actor.”

Many feel the image, which was apparently taken by a mutual friend of Willow and Moises (who also snapped photos of her brother Jaden and the Jenner girls), is inappropriate given their seven-year age difference and his missing shirt. Others have accused TMZ of trying to capitalize on a “salacious” headline and people’s assumptions about what can happen when a young girl hangs out with a much older man.


Personally, I’m on the fence. While I wouldn’t let my daughter hang out in a grown man’s bedroom alone, it’s clear from the photo that there is at least other person around. Moreover, though the picture did make me say, “Hmmm..” at first glance, I’m not willing to jump to conclusions about a picture (or Will & Jada’s parenting) that tells us little more than Willow and Moises were in the same room.

You be the judge: Does this photo of Willow Smith and Moises Arias cross the line?

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  • Mary Burrell

    Will and Jada need to stop trying to be their kids friends and parent.

  • Um we have no idea what’s going on in this picture, that bedroom and their relationship…so we have no right to judge. Lets worry about our own kids.

  • Shazza

    In Scientology (which the Smiths do seem to be involved with) L. Ron Hubbard has an extremely permissive attitude toward child-rearing: “So he tears up his shirt, wrecks his bed, breaks up his fire engine. It’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS” Children are treated like small adults, with the freedom to do what they want.

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  • Blogger Girl

    Maybe They wanted to just make a pic. but I have to admit it, it is somewhat innaproprate.I mean she’s 13 and he’s 20.I know my parents would never allow this famous or not. Honestly the picture(s) was a bad idea but I don’t think They meant any harm.