Looks like yesterday’s post on Apollo Nida being sentenced to jail ruffled a few feathers in the comment section, because of the way it was presented. In no way was anyone condoning Kenya’s actions during the season, but to say it wasn’t a low blow to speak of a woman’s fertility issues would be an understatement.  Especially commenting on the type of sperm she could end up receiving? Apparently, it’s ok to joke about fertility, even when you’re holding hands with a man who stole millions of dollars from innocent people. Hopefully Kenya won’t end up with that type of sperm. Sure, it’s sad that Apollo is leaving children behind, but he made those choices in his life and now he has to pay for those choices.

Anywho, Kenya has now responded to Apollo’s guilty plea and shockingly she kept it civil yesterday.

This morning she also left another Tweet clarifying her statement:

For the record, there’s no #teamkenya or #teamphaedra here, it’s #teamnothrowingstonesinglasshouses.

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