Looks like yesterday’s post on Apollo Nida being sentenced to jail ruffled a few feathers in the comment section, because of the way it was presented. In no way was anyone condoning Kenya’s actions during the season, but to say it wasn’t a low blow to speak of a woman’s fertility issues would be an understatement.  Especially commenting on the type of sperm she could end up receiving? Apparently, it’s ok to joke about fertility, even when you’re holding hands with a man who stole millions of dollars from innocent people. Hopefully Kenya won’t end up with that type of sperm. Sure, it’s sad that Apollo is leaving children behind, but he made those choices in his life and now he has to pay for those choices.

Anywho, Kenya has now responded to Apollo’s guilty plea and shockingly she kept it civil yesterday.

This morning she also left another Tweet clarifying her statement:

For the record, there’s no #teamkenya or #teamphaedra here, it’s #teamnothrowingstonesinglasshouses.

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  • binks

    I am sorry but none of them are victims here, they both gave
    just as good as they got. Kenya hit below the belt plenty of times about sore
    topics but as soon as Phaedra does it then it is too far…*side eye* forgive me
    if I do see the faux outrage over that read. They both need to keep their rocks
    and stone within their own glass homes because neither can talk about each
    other, clearly nobody on RHW of ATL is winning per se.

  • Gabriella

    Last year on the RHOA reunion, Kenya said something to Phaedra about sleeping and having babies “with a convicted felon” and that she should get an AIDS test. In that case, I think Phaedra’a “read” about her fertility issues was fair game. You can’t say things like that to people and then play the victim. I’m not a fan of Apollo. I hate the way he speaks to Phaedra at times. He annoyed me immensely at the reunion. However, I’m starting to think there’s something to what he and Phaedra have been saying about Kenya. She needs to move on and stop talking and commenting about them so much.

    • LiveandLearn

      What Kenya said was true. What sane woman would marry a convict straight out of prison and then have two children by him? Coo coo cray cray!

  • Mary Burrell

    Kenya just needs to shut up.

  • Asampete1

    If I were Kenya, I would gloat too and so would most of you. Phaedra thought she ‘read’ Kenya but at the end of the day the joke is on her. Frankly, I would rather have a random stranger who ejaculated in a cup instead of dumbass Apollo as father of my children. People(Phaedra) who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. I don’t feel sorry for Phaedra, she knew what she was doing when she married a convict and I don’t believe she was in the dark about his shady ‘business ventures’.