Kevin Hart recently sat down with Playboy for an interview that has some saying, “Hmmm.”

To promote the upcoming film Think Like A Man Too, Hart chatted with the men’s mag about everything from his ugly feet and his sexual stamina, to what jokes are off-limits in his routine. While most comics think any and every topic is fair game, Hart says he steers clear of two things: politics and talking about the LGBT community.

“I’m not a political guy. I don’t really deal with Democrats or Republicans. I don’t find that funny,” he tells Playboy. “And I don’t talk about the gay community, be it male or female. No thank you! It’s such a sensitive subject. I’ve seen comics get into serious trouble by joking about gay people. It’s too dangerous. Whatever you say, any joke you make about the gay community, it’s going to be misconstrued. It’s not worth it.”

During the interview, Hart, who often mines his personal life for his standup routine—even discussing his mom’s death and his father’s struggles with substance abuse—was also asked about a series of Twitter jokes he made about dark-skin Black women. Hart tweeted, “Light-skinned women usually have better credit than dark-skinned women…Broke ass dark hoes…lol” Although many found his tweets offensive, Hart chalked it up to just being “silly.”

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“Listen, that was just me being silly on Twitter, playing on a trending topic,” he explains. “Some people were offended by it, but that’s always a risk with comedy. Nobody’s going to find everything funny. I didn’t feel I had to apologize for something that was misconstrued and taken out of context. I have no ill will toward women, not dark-skinned women, not light-skinned women. I was just being silly. I’m a comedian. Being silly is my job; it’s how I pay my bills.

So…joking about the LGBT community is off-limits because it can be “misconstrued,” but taking jabs at Black women is perfectly okay? Got it.

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