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  • Cranium Rinse

    I was a little upset when Time left her off it’s 100 most influential list despite receiving 91% of vote. Glad to see they’re fixing that mistake.

  • God is My Mojo

    I personally feel that everyone deserves love and respect no matter their orientation but I feel strongly that these black men are being used as pawns to promote white folks divide and conquer antics. They aren’t slick. It’s the whole promoting “individualism” vs. “community” type of thing. I think it makes them very happy to use our faces to promote their “Roman Empire” woman hating agenda. Anything that promotes a black hetero progressive educated agenda will never be promoted and that’s how you know there’s imbalanced coverage in mainstream media. PR spins are never by accident. Trust me when I tell you that white folks will do anything to not see heterosexual black families not together including using gay black men to bash and devalue other family makeups.