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  • ALM247

    I am so glad that she worked through whatever had her considering leaving the industry.

    No shade, but she didn’t need Meek Mill on this track. He adds nothing to the track.

    Jazmine actually sounds like Syleena Johnson (another great singer) at the beginning of the song.

    Jazmine’s weight loss looks great also. Welcome back!

    • Brownieluv

      I’m glad she’s back with her talent. I agree about Meek Mill, though. I hope her upcoming album isn’t full of collaborations.

  • Kai26

    This song isn’t that great and the addition of Meek Mill makes it worse.

  • Ehhh I don’t like this song. Hopefully, she comes with something better than this.

  • De_Ann

    Most rappers don’t need to be on R&B tracks these days.


    It was a dumb (no pun intended) idea to add Meek Mill on the song. It’s always a mystery to me why R&B singers feel as though they need to feature popular rappers on their songs. Most of the times they don’t add anything to the song, really. If anything, their presence ruin the song’s aura.