Magic Johnson said he’s going to pray for Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Magic Johnson is a better human than a lot of people.

Johnson told CNN’s Anderson Cooper Tuesday night that “I’m a God-fearing man and I’m going to pray for him and hope things work out for him.” These comments come a day after Sterling wondered what exactly has Johnson done for minorities and ignorantly made reference to Johnson having “AIDS”.

Contrary to Sterling’s ignorance, Johnson does not have AIDS, he was diagnosed as HIV positive. Johnson has also done tons for minority communities when it comes to advocating for health care as well as entrepreneurial endeavors.

Cooper pointed out that like Sterling, many Americans are ignorant when it comes to AIDS and HIV, which enables them to discriminate against those who have been diagnosed.  Johnson acknowledged that discrimination is “our biggest fight in the HIV and AIDS community… we’ve got to continue to educate people just like Donald Sterling.” He added, “I hope this doesn’t set us back. The stigma’s still there.” Despite misinformation, “You can high five a person with HIV, it’s okay… Your kid can go to school with somebody, a kid who has HIV. There is nothing that is going to happen to them.”

In response to Sterling’s claim that the Clippers players still “love me,” Johnson declared, “Really? Now he is delusional.”

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  • lil ray

    A prayer for sterling die tonight in his sleep.

    • Sad


      Go face the wall!

  • Anthony

    Magic stated that he has invested a billion dollars in business ventures in black communities in that interview. I knew the man was successful, but not at that level.

    The only thing I can imagine is that senile Sterling must still think it is 1989, because back then, Magic just might have nailed her!

    • G

      Magic was responsible for convincing a major bank to set up a full service financial center in the Crenshaw area of Los Angeles . . . it wouldn’t have happened without him!

    • Milich Kosanovich

      That is exactly what that slum/ghetto needed!

    • Milich Kosanovich

      Magic hasn’t invested a Billion dollars of his OWN money. His net worth is about $500 million. He jumps into business groups to make these purchases. For example he partnered with five white men, most of them billionaires to purchase the Dodgers. They paid around $215 billion. Magic chipped in with $50 million or around 2% to 3%.

      Almost all of his partnerships involve people with the money capitalizing on Magic’s popularity to promote whatever they are selling. Magic’s only business acumen is selling his smile and popularity.

      He is just another athlete who made millions playing with a ball who thinks he is now a business man. What makes him different from others is he doesn’t try to run any of these businesses. He invests a minimal amount and they slap his face on their product.

      How could he be a businessman? He is such a poor speaker his talk show, “The Magic Hour” was so unbearable to watch he was axed after only ELEVEN shows!

  • Kai26

    I’m just sure that will solve everything.

  • J.Nicole

    Sigh…. yea, prayer has been working for so long when dealing with racism.

    • 1Viewer

      And I’d say it’s been beneficial. Slavery and Jim Crow are gone aren’t they?

    • Milich Kosanovich

      Are they? Blacks are still poor and live in Housing projects and the only jobs available for many are the minimum wage jobs such as Wal-Marts.

  • Milich Kosanovich

    I’m sorry “Clutch” but are your privy to Magic’s medical records? Magic was diagnosed in Sept. of 1991. Protease Inhibitors, the third new drug in the original HAART wasn’t available until almost 1996. That means Magic’s HIV was replicating and destroying his T-Cells for FIVE years.

    The CDC set the number at 200 or less T-Cells before you have officially moved from being HIV+ to having AIDS. It doesn’t matter if a person has never acquired any of the typical illnesses associated with AIDS. Even if your T-Cells increase to go back over 200 you will forever be stuck with the AIDS diagnose. That is so the government can keep accurate records of infected people.

    At least 98% or more of those infected will see their T-Cells depleted on their way to developing full-blown AIDS within three years without HAART. Magic had been infected for five years before the availability of HAART. So the science says his T-Cells would have more than likely dropped to below 200 meaning he has AIDS regardless of his current health.

    BUT none of Magic’s personal medical information has been made public. So you are just as ignorant as Donald Sterling for professing to know something that you couldn’t possibly know, especially since the documented science contradicts you.

    In regards to someone like Sterling using AIDS instead of HIV, does it really matter in this context or any other? To the infected person, an emphatic NO.

    To look at the bigger picture, how involved was Magic in fighting HIV/AIDS PRIOR to his own infection? Blacks make up 44% of those infected with HIV despite only accounting for 18% of the U.S. population and they account for 70% of new infections.. Black youths aged 13-24 are the fasting growing part of the population being infected today.

    Black women account for 30% of new infections because their men are out getting infected doing who knows what and then coming home and infecting their women.

    Magic made a very interesting comment in his rebuttal interview with Anderson Cooper. He said I would like to correct Donald, I own the Dodgers, I don’t work for them. Talk about delusional! Magic owns about a 3%-4% share of the dodgers. He has absolutely no power or input in running the Dodgers whatsoever. The four White Billionaire owners have total control and baseball legend Stan Kasten has total control in running the day to day operations.

    They took Magic’s $50 million and allowed him to be the face of their group to appeal to the diverse L.A. and Dodger fan base. In his own words he is their “ambassador” to help market the Dodgers. Now I find that hilarious. Magic wants so badly to be accepted by White corporate America he allowed himself to become their “Token Black”.

    While not exactly politically correct but Sterling is an 81 year-old Jewish man who was practicing law years prior to President Johnson signing the Civil Acts. He lived through the Black riots of L.A., Chicago and New York. Simply not liking Blacks doesn’t make a person racist. Hell the Nation of Islam teaches their followers that ALL White people are the “devil”

    Magic claims to have made his HIV status public to help preventing the virus from spreading. but with him as the face of HIV in the Black community it is running rampant. I do believe that is the jist of Sterling’s ill-conceived and poorly worded rant.