Magic Johnson said he’s going to pray for Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Magic Johnson is a better human than a lot of people.

Johnson told CNN’s Anderson Cooper Tuesday night that “I’m a God-fearing man and I’m going to pray for him and hope things work out for him.” These comments come a day after Sterling wondered what exactly has Johnson done for minorities and ignorantly made reference to Johnson having “AIDS”.

Contrary to Sterling’s ignorance, Johnson does not have AIDS, he was diagnosed as HIV positive. Johnson has also done tons for minority communities when it comes to advocating for health care as well as entrepreneurial endeavors.

Cooper pointed out that like Sterling, many Americans are ignorant when it comes to AIDS and HIV, which enables them to discriminate against those who have been diagnosed.  Johnson acknowledged that discrimination is “our biggest fight in the HIV and AIDS community… we’ve got to continue to educate people just like Donald Sterling.” He added, “I hope this doesn’t set us back. The stigma’s still there.” Despite misinformation, “You can high five a person with HIV, it’s okay… Your kid can go to school with somebody, a kid who has HIV. There is nothing that is going to happen to them.”

In response to Sterling’s claim that the Clippers players still “love me,” Johnson declared, “Really? Now he is delusional.”

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