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Mimi Faust is proud of the sex tape she created with beau Nikko Smith. And she apparently  thinks it’s better than any adult-store DVD or MA-rated show on Cinemax because she doesn’t see her performance as pornography.

“No it wasn’t. I don’t know anything about porn,” she says during a Hot 97 radio interview.

Perhaps that’s because she actually knows her costar and hopes to convince us that the video wasn’t professionally shot. She claims Nikko simply had a good camera and tripod.

Uh huh. What kind of camera was that again?

Mimi also insists the original tape was stolen from Nikko’s luggage during a Bahama’s trip. Well, at least that’s the story he told her over dinner during last night’s Love and Hip Hop Altanta premiere, where Mimi unleashed a waterfall of tears. I’m not buying it.

But knowing what’s on the camera – four or five “home videos” according to Mimi – who’d put it in checked baggage anyway? I wouldn’t check electronics even if they only held photos of tourist attractions.

When asked how the “leak” would affect her daughter, Mimi replies it won’t since she’s only four.

“You know what, she has to deal with going to school and kids getting stabbed up, too, and I have to explain that to her as well, so there’s a whole of other things in this world that is worse than Mommy making love to her man.

Well, she might want to say something before her daughter’s stepmother, Joseline Hernandez, does. Mimi suggests that her daughter’s father, Stevie J., and Joseline are jealous of her successful “misfortune.”

“They’re not getting a check and I am, so I’m going to laugh all the way to the bank with that,” she says. “[Joseline] put her vagina all over the internet for free, so they can call it whatever they want.”

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