openerThere’s always been some discussion on what constitutes natural. Adding color and hair extensions – because they alter or differ from the hair growing out of our scalps – may lead some to say we’re anything less than natural.

But natural hair vlogger Akilah Hughes opted to wear extensions for a month as a protective style instead of braiding or twisting her hair because she wanted hassle-free straight hair. Surprisingly, the natural hair community didn’t hang her by her weave.

Clutchettes, could it be the natural hair community is becoming a little more lenient when it comes to styling and protecting our natural tresses?

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  • Somebody

    I wear my hair naturally, no straighteners, no dye, no weave, or braids, but I’m not against it as a style choice, I’m just lazy and don’t like maintenance.

    I do find the whole idea of putting someone else’s hair in/on my hair interesting, especially if it’s straighter than what my own hair would do. Afro/curly weaves and wigs would probably be my choice.

    I have no idea if the “natural hair community” has become more lenient or not. Are there really “natural hair nazis” running around berating women about their hair? Who sets the guidelines?

  • G

    Sooo just because she is a “natural hair vlogger” , she can’t switch it up a wee bit? This lady doesn’t appear to hate her hair, she just wanted a change!

    I personally have worn my hair all kinds of ways, with the exception of twists and dreds.

    Colored it
    Highlighted it
    Fried it
    Permed It
    Braided it
    Weaved it
    Fro’d it
    And wigging out
    Not counting assorted head wraps and hats

    I love my hair, i just like change.

  • Brownieluv

    Sometimes I feel like the “natural hair community” is looked at as this club (by those who wear their naturally textured hair and those who do not), and it annoys me. I don’t like how some people think they can make rules for other people’s hair, clothes, etc.

  • Jenb

    Being a natural hair nazi is just as bad as the old brown paper bag skin test. I want black women to have a CHOICE in how she wears her hair, without criticism from strangers. I have natural hair, but 80% of the time it’s straight. I went natural because I didn’t want to damage my scalp any further. I didn’t go natural to ‘stick it to the white man’ or become a militant.