_75076320_hi021478513As violence rages on in South Sudan, more than a third of the country’s population – four million people – has been forced to abandon their livestock and land and will nearly starve to death by the end of the year, UN officials say.

“We are losing time. Farmers should be planting their crops right now,” UN aid chief Valerie Amos said during a donor’s conference. “If they don’t, and if livestock herders are not able to migrate to grazing areas, people will run out of food.”

Fighting began back in December as a result of a power struggle between President Salva Kiir’s Dinka people and rebel leader Riek Machar’s Nuer people. Earlier this month, Secretary of State John Kerry threatened to impose sanctions against Machar if he refused to commit to peace.

“We have to stop this fighting so that we save the people’s lives,” President Kiir said during a BBC interview on Monday.

Kiir and Machar have blamed one another for violating two ceasefire deals since the conflict began.

South Sudan has only been independent from Sudan since 2011.

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  • Anthony

    South Sudan has been stuck mainly in a state of war for nearly sixty years. Often different Southerners were fighting each other as bitterly as they were fighting the North. It is going to take significant and prolonged mediation and training to get South Sudan’s leaders not always reach for their guns and use ethnicity as the basis for organization. If those doesn’t happen, there will always be famine in South Sudan.

  • Cassie Jones

    Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if people, ‘particularly’ black people, especially in Africa are cursed. Some people get upset if I mention it.Some blame it on other factors, but It seems like with all their efforts, ‘most’ (or all sounds correct)black countries all over the globe can’t prosper. Poverty, faminine, war, sickness and/or disease is still rampant. With some people whatever they out their hands to do is cursed. I just pray God intervenes.

    • Lisss

      Yeah i know it feels like that. But i assure that it is not the case. if you were to look at Europe back in the Middle Ages, you would have thought they were cursed too: endless wars, famines, poverty, corruption etc… The thing is that for a society to change, it takes MANY MANY years. Look at the U.S. : It did not start really prospering until the first World War yet it got its independence in 1796. The problem is that we, as black people, we tend to give up on our people before the battle even really starts. If we were to truly encourage each other instead of constantly fighting against each other (bm vs bw, africans vs african-americans etc..), we would be so much further.

    • Cassie Jones

      I know some don t believe in curses but I definetly do. Not saying the cause of black people’s never ending worldwide problems are definetly from a curse, but who really knows for sure. That’s my opinion. Anyway, I’ll never give up hope for black people. I believe one day they will rise up again no matter how things look and despite of all the depressing news. I may not live to see their great successes but I believe it will happen in time. It started with black people and it will end with them.

  • Eduardo

    They don’t have enough food for everyone but still spend money on guns and wars. Humanity still has a long way to go.

  • Tisch

    Do you wonder about your saviour’s Latin name and the fact that Latin language wasn’t spoken until the 14th century and not in the 1st century during the time he lived? Do you ponder on the existence of a holy Epistle written in the same alphabet that wasn’t created until some 1,200 years later? Or the fact that he was completely unrecognizable by anyone except by Tomas who was able to recognize him resurrected by a stab wound. You at least must be a little more than curious about his body gushing water instead of blood when he was stabbed? Wonder about his ascension detailed that upon his death he went to hell? Of which he boasts of the fact he possesses the keys of hell and death in revelation. Yes, cassie you have a lot to wonder about.