Unpopular opinion.

Earlier this week, I actually felt sorry for a Kardashian. No, it wasn’t Kim, Kourtney, or Khloe. But Rob Kardashian.  After TMZ  caught Rob arriving at LAX on his way to the infamous Kanye and Kim wedding, the site posted photos of a hefty Rob. And so began the jokes.

Rob, who apparently doesn’t use Twitter that often, signed back on to the site to defend himself:

Fat shaming has no gender.  But in the realms of dating, it’s mostly women who bare the brunt of  having to account for every pound they gain. On television, you’re quick to see a fat man with a ‘fit’ wife or girlfriend, but you hardly see the opposite.

Personally, I do have my preferences when it comes to dating men and the body types I prefer. In the realm of the “real world” I wouldn’t say Rob was “that” fat. I mean, I’ve seen pictures of him before, and I still believe under the extra pounds, a bae still exists.  Now will I date someone who’s a prime candidate for gastric bypass? Probably not.


Clutchettes, would you date an overweight man?

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