As I was sitting at lunch the other day, I happened to look over at a table and saw a woman diligently pinning wedding items on Pinterest. Yes, I was being a little bit nosy, but I couldn’t help to notice that she didn’t have on an engagement ring either.  So being the people person that I am, I tapped her on the shoulder and asked her about her Pinterest boards and if she was planning a wedding.

Amazingly she told me yes, she was planning a wedding. But no, she doesn’t have a boyfriend yet.  I tried to hide the look of shock on my face, but more power to you.  She went on to tell me that she purchased her wedding dress last year at an estate sale and has already booked picked out bridesmaid’s dresses, as well.

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  • Ashley Success

    after i graduated college and all my friends started to get married i started pinning hypothetical wedding…its changed a lot of times since i was 22 my 26 now but basic outlines can be thought of and getting basic ideas are great. Pinning wedding dresses has been incredibly helpful as my taste has changed cuz the dress i liked at 22 is sure hideous to me now

  • Brownieluv

    I think pre-buying a dress is way too much. Besides, what if you don’t get married until 15 years later? That dress probably won’t fit and will be out of style.

    I never planned out my wedding. I just didn’t care about all the details that are involved, planning, and I hate a bunch of hoopla, stress, and extra attention. I never see brides who are calm and collected on wedding day because not only are they stressing over that huge vow they are about to make, but they are also stressing over the ceremony and reception details.

    City Hall wedding was nice and simple. I wore a pretty dress, he wore a nice tux, we had a pre-decorated room (not bad for city hall, either), 11 family members and friends, and went to a the best 5-star restaurant in the city later on. We went on a honeymoon and had the best time ever.

  • N.B.

    This is why I just read stuff and keep it moving. Im not saying the author is one of these people b/c i have no clue, but the big thing of the past few years is thinking positive, power of positivity, act as if you already have what you want, whatever that may be, all about your thinking, blah blah motivational bullsh** as I call it. now here is a woman practicing the societal mantra of the past lets say decade and she is mostly ridiculed for doing it. I…dont…get….it.

    No she doesn’t have a boyfriend but let y’all tell it (not the you of this board just a societal you) she’s crazy, she is doing to much but why isn’t she just spinning her thinking and putting a positive spin on what she wants? she clearly wants a husband and a marriage and wedding so she is putting that out in the atmosphere and instead of sitting around sulking wishing for this and that, is positively thinking that she knows she will find a husband and planning accordingly.. again…i just cant…

    thats why i just pay all those “motivational”/ all you have to do is think positive and imagine rainbows and gumdrops and it will happen. i mean thats the positive side right? she isn’t sitting around sulking or not going on dates and being sad. She is actively participating in brining something to fruition which let y’all tell it is 85% of whats needed to make it actually happen.