Michael Sam

Over the weekend, Michael Sam became the first openly gay man to be drafted by the NFL. Although he wasn’t in one of the top rounds, the St. Louis Rams still found potential in him. But not everyone was too happy about him being drafted, especially after ESPN captured him celebrating the phone call with his boyfriend.

Miami Dolphins cornerback Don Jones to tweeted “OMG” and “horrible”, which lead the Dolphins to fining him and banning him from team activities until he undergoes sensitivity training. Jones later apologized for his comments. Another former NFL player also tweeted about Sam’s PDA with his boyfriend, but quickly backtracked and said he was talking about all PDA, not only in reference to gay men.

As much as people like to think the world is accepting of a person’s preference when it comes to who they share their love with, there’s still a population of people who are not. And you know, that’s their choice.  It’s also unfortunate that people still concern themselves with what goes on in someone else’s home, instead of tending to their own.

Michael Sam may be ready for the NFL, but is the NFL and its fans ready for him?

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