Tell us we can’t come watch your team play, and we might just buy your damn team!

And we’ve already started teaming up with investors so that cash is already in place when – er, I mean if –  NBA commissioner Adam Silver is successful in forcing current L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling into selling the team.

Shortly after TMZ released the audio of Sterling’s racist rant , Yahoo! Sports reported that Magic Johnson was “absolutely interested” in bidding for the team along with Mark Walter and their Guggenheim Partners group, which purchased the L.A. Dodgers in 2012 for $1B. (Forbes estimates that the L.A. Clippers are worth about $575M.) However, Magic later tweeted he wasn’t trying to buy the Clippers because they already have an owner.

And then he laughed off the suggestion on ESPN Sunday night, saying he was focused on bringing the NFL back to Los Angeles. (Aww come on, Magic! After what Sterling said about you?) But if he’s absolutely not interested, there’s still Oprah and Floyd Mayweather. Music and film mogul David Geffen tells ESPN that he, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, and Oprah would band together in a bid to buy the team. Geffen and Ellison would run the Clippers while Oprah would be an investor. “She thinks it would be a great thing for an important black American to own [another] franchise,” Geffen says. Oprah’s spokesperson, Nicole Nichols, issued a statement Wednesday confirming Geffen’s claim. “Oprah Winfrey is in discussions with David Geffen and Larry Ellison to make a bid for the Los Angeles Clippers should the team become available,” Nichols says. Ironically, Geffen – who is worth an estimated $6.2B according to Forbes – reportedly tried to buy at least a controlling stake in the Clippers in 2010 for $600M, but Sterling snubbed him. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is also seeking majority ownership, with his own team of investors. “Do we want to buy the Clippers? Yes we do,” Floyd says. “I’m very, very interested in buying the Clippers.” According to the Associated Press, the boxer will make another $40M or so Saturday night when he takes on Marcos Maidana in the third fight of a six-fight deal with Showtime that is reportedly worth $250M. “We want to buy the Clippers, and we can afford to buy the Clippers,” Floyd says. But just because Money Mayweather can afford to buy the team doesn’t mean he can buy it. The NBA has a screening process that may not overlook his domestic violence and harassment charges. And of course there’s that betting thing. Floyd has reportedly wagered six-figure amounts on NBA games in the past. But Floyd knows he’d have to quit that cold turkey. “I [could] no longer bet, so I have to stop that completely,” he says.  I’m sure his rival Oscar De La Hoya would love to use that to his advantage since he’s also expressed interest in the Clippers. Diddy, too:

Take that.

Clutchettes and Gents, who do you think should buy the team if Donald Sterling is indeed forced to sell?

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