Danai-Gurira-Michonne-The-Walking-Dead-Season-Three-3-AMCNo one’s saying that it could ever happen, but if you were to believe shows like “The Walking Dead”, a zombie apocalypse could happen. And the government is fully prepared to handle one. Or at least, pretend like they are.

CNN obtained an unclassified document called  “CONOP 8888,” which explains how US officials will actually handle a zombie attack. 

“The document is identified as a training tool used in an in-house training exercise where students learn about the basic concepts of military plans and order development through a fictional training scenario,” Navy Capt. Pamela Kunze, a spokeswoman for U.S. Strategic Command, told CNN. “This document is not a U.S. Strategic Command plan.”

So it’s not an ‘official’ plan, but what if the dead happened to rise again? Could you even imagine being attacked by hundreds of walkers and yielding a sword like Michonne just to survive?

From CNN:

But why choose zombies as part of the fictional training scenarios? Why not aliens?

“Training examples for plans must accommodate the political fallout that occurs if the general public mistakenly believes that a fictional training scenario is actually a real plan,” the document says. “Rather than risk such an outcome by teaching our augmentees using the fictional ‘Tunisia’ or ‘Nigeria’ scenarios used at (Joint Combined Warfighting School), we elected to use a completely impossible scenario that could never be mistaken as a real plan.”

So, practice for the when, where and how to plan for a more likely disaster scenario? Yes. But zombies of all stripes would be well advised to take note of this directive to Strategic Command personnel buried within the document.

“Maintain emergency plans to employ nuclear weapons within (the continental United States) to eradicate zombie hordes.”

If I was a conspiracy theorist type of person, I’d guess that the government does believe in zombies. Remember this is the same government that always denies that Area 51 in Roswell, New Mexico isn’t storing aliens. 

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