I’m not sure what’s worse: the fact that Kim Kardashian became a household name after sleeping with Brandy’s little brother, or that Ray J won’t stop talking about it more than six years later.

After news of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s upcoming Italian wedding broke last week, well wishes poured in from fans and celebs alike. Of course, Ray J popped up out from the dungeons of irrelevancy to offer his congrats and an unusual wedding gift: porn profits.

While everyone agrees that Kimmy K upgraded both her bank account and her mate when she ditched Ray J, it seems like the singer just can’t let their relationship go.

When KimYe announced they were having a baby and getting married, Ray J released “I Hit It First,” the not-so-subtle reminder that he dated Kardashian way back when he had a career. And now that the pair are getting ready to tie the knot, Ray J says he’ll gift the couple nearly $47,000, this year’s royalty profits for the now infamous sex tape that made Kim famous and Ray J, well, nobody.

According to TMZ, the tape—which Vivid Entertainment claims has made $50 million since it was released—has earned Ray J $46,840.13 this year, a sum he allegedly plans to give to Kim.

If the future Mrs. West doesn’t want his “gift” (and I can’t see why she’d take anything the singer, because, Yeezy), Ray J says he’ll donate the money to charity.

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  • ashleydark

    he probably mad that she made it and is this big star for a sex tape and he’s still a nobody… it probably really hurts to know you have talent(or at least your sister) and can’t get that kind of fame and deals and somebody whos untalented, not smart and vapid is respected (enough to be famous,get major deals, carry your whole family into the deals) after only spreading her legs for you

  • G

    I am not fan of Ray J, but Kim (AKA the much married SexTape Sally) is a woman of ill repute who ONLY became famous due to a sex tape with Ray J!

    Now is Ray J a “jerk”? Yes! But all of this would not had happened she had not slept with Ray J in the first place.

    Kanye (who had a woman who was college educated prior to all this) and Kim should be use to such behavior and should continue to expect such.

    The whole world knows who and what Kim is . . . . no amount of “bought and paid for respectability” will wash this away!

    As for Ray J, he will never go away.

  • he’s so pathetic. Brandy needs to give him a job as her butler or something, he clearly has too much time.

  • Kattified

    When he came out with that song “I Hit It First”, he made himself a joke and an arse. To constantly bring it up for attention makes him pathetic.

    In the beginning, I was completely neutral when it came to Kim Kardashian, but the more people seem to “hate” her the more I actually respect her. Before I get thumbed down, I’m going to explain why.

    First off, I can never understand how people can hate someone they never met. I’ll admit I had a large annoyance about Ashanti because despite her being a good singer, I didn’t believe (still don’t) that she deserved a few of the awards she received and definitely not the comparison to Aretha Franklin.

    Yes, Kim K was made famous by a sex tape, but what she and her family did with that publicity is smarter than what most people have done in the past. Instead of letting her fame last 15 minutes, they pushed it into years along with building a brand for herself and her sisters.

    Not only that, people seem to forget the time when her daughter was born and there hadn’t been one single picture of her or her baby for a little over a month, yet the moment she was spotted , here comes the stone throwers.

    Plus, she was only married, what once, maybe twice, didn’t know that was such a sin considering the women and men out there who are on their third or fourth spouse and don’t get me started with the baby daddies and mommies dramas going on out there.

    Last but not least, I couldn’t imagine what it’s like to be reminded of a thing I did in my past years ago constantly by people I know, don’t know, and those who want to throw it in my face (like the twat above) and make sure I never forget it, especially being a woman. Men are so easily forgiven, but women are rarely allowed to move on without being reminded.

    If people put as much attention, energy, and time on their own lives than they do concentrating and judging on someone else’s life, many would be better off, especially Ray J.

    He may have hit it first, but she still has more money, fame, and dare I say even more power than him.

  • Aiych

    I just…I find this quite funny, and I’m glad it ain’t happening to me. Epic trolling, Ray J, good show. I wouldn’t be surprised if his crazy butt ends up dead somewhere though.