The Washington Redskins What's In A Name

The Redskins obviously thought this was going to work in their favor, but their social media stunt backfired in a huge way. Maybe they should have researched what happened with the NYPD and R. Kelly before they put out a call and response on Twitter.  

Yesterday afternoon, the team asked Twitter users to tweet Senator Harry Reid, who has been against the name Redskins, their #redskinspride. Well they got anything but that. 

And so people answered:

But there are those who support the team’s name and hate the senator:

I’m quite sure Redskins owner Dan Snyder slapped his forehead a few times last night. I wonder if there’s a social media job opening over at the Redskins now?

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  • OSHH

    I cannot even support my home team anymore because of the owner’s ignorance and unwillingness to change the name of the team. It’s just not a good look and or energy about this team.

  • KamJos

    That picture. Damn. One of my professors told me about the 1860 Wiyot massacre in California. White settlers massacred almost an entire tribe for no reason. Men, women, children, no one was spared. Then they stole the land. There’s a reason why you don’t learn about these things in school. All you learn about is maize and Squanto then they fast forward through all the messy parts.

    • Anonin

      Or a few sentences if not paragraphs detaching how terrible the situations were like they do with slavery.

  • ALM247

    What is it with people defending this type of thing? It’s similar to people defending the confederate flag.

    The fact that Robin & Tom Dyer don’t consider the offensive name a crucial issue is exactly how we arrived here today. SMH

  • eve-audrey

    What do native americans think about all this? If tye name os considered racist i wonder the motives of the people who are proud of this.

    • ALM247

      Native Americans have been protesting these team names for decades. I think the only reason that this fight has carried on this long is that the Native American population is now so small, and the Native American population probably hasn’t had anyone in a powerful position who would help them push to get these changes made.

      Someone in the Native American community needs to get a petition to the White House. Maybe the White House can put pressure on whoever governs the national baseball and football leagues. President Obama may be the best chance of getting some changes made.

  • Mary Burrell

    Blinded by white privilege and white supremacy, trying to hold on to racist images.