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The winged eye is new take on the classic cat-eye look which was made popular by 50s screen sirens.  The winged eye is now all the rage on the catwalk, red carpet’s and runways. The old school look was created by drawing a thick wing of eyeliner from the inside corner to far beyond the outer corner. The updated look is much thinner and the line only extends to right below the edge of the brow.

The winged and cat-eye is one of the most classic makeup looks around, but not the easiest to achieve. It takes some practice and a bit of a steady hand to get that line traced along your top lashline and then winged out at the outer corners. But once you get it, you’re golden.

Check out our gallery on how to rock the winged eye look along with some visual inspiration by some of our favorite celebs!

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  • Krystal Miller

    Liquid eye liners always smudge for me. Can anyone suggest a better alternative?

    • Primmest Plum

      Black Opal Precision Eye Definer and Automatic Eye Lining Pencil L’Oreal Paris Infallible Gel Lacquer Liner is good for long wear and doesn’t smudge very easily. :)

    • Anonin

      maybe using mineral powder before liner if oily lids are the problem