SNL Leslie jonesLeslie Jones recently clapped back at her critics who derided the Saturday Night Live writer for her recent skit about slavery.

During Saturday’s Weekend Update, Jones joked that she’d never be single and would be “the number one slave draft pick” had she been in the antebellum South.

Jones’ skit caused many to accuse SNL of crossing the line. We called the skit “disturbing” and “offensive,” and Ebony Senior Editor Jamilah Lemieux said she was “appalled” Jones seemed to be “auditioning for Birth of a Nation 2: We’s Really Like Dis!

Jones took to Twitter to defend her appearance, singling out Black people for “b-tching and moaning about stupid sh-t.”

What do you think of Leslie Jones’ explanation? Are Black people too sensitive when it comes to jokes about slavery?

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  • If this joke was on comic view or a late night comedy special given to a black audience nobody would have anything to say. This wouldnt even be news. It’s only news because it was on Saturday night live who has a predominately white audience. If you dont like it..stop watching SNL. Stop begging white folks to have black female comedians on the show , then when they do expect the comic writing to really relate to us. Yes, this joke was in poor taste but honestly, no one black would care if this was on comic view. We have to see the bigger picture. We have to stop looking for white entertainment to validate our talent. I dont watch SNL. Now maybe yall wont either.

    • Brenda Walsh

      thank you! I agree entirely!

    • Midge

      You’re point is on point but your ideas of resolution are so wrong. Our response should not be to just change the channel on SNL. The issue lies in the fact that the majority SNL audience is not black, and therefore, Leslie should not be making jokes that perpetuate horrors of slavery as “funny” to an audience that already thinks so. She is not teaching any tolerance with this skit. This is the reason Chapelle cancelled his show, because the audience was laughing at and agreeing with the jokes instead of seeing the irony in them. A better comedian than Leslie could be more clever.

  • I think Leslie is a GENIUS! She literally took the joke that was obvious and turned it back on itself making it poignant and funny.

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  • marco polo

    Dear God! Don’t let Leslie have an opinion of her own. All these comments confirm everything she tweeted back. How will blacks ever move forward, living everyday like its history 101. I’m beginning to think blacks enjoy wallowing in their misery. I seriously doubt her grandmother kicked two white mens asses though. And 50 more years of We The Victims, won’t help the plight of black Americans.