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Like many, I thought the Knowles-Carter beef was just between Solange and Jay-Z since Beyonce stood back during the elevator match, plus Solange and Bey reportedly flew to Costa Rica together for Kelly Rowland’s wedding. But now some of us wonder if there is a rift between the two sisters, too.

Apparently, Solange has hopped on Instagram – like many do – and deleted nearly every picture with big sis in it. The one remaining picture, a group pic, is over a year old and today’s meeting spot for the Beyhive and Beygency.

But instead of calling Solange a “crazy ass,” let’s just hope these sisters (and brother-in-law )can work things out. Or as one neutral commenter wrote, “#fixitjesus.”

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  • coilsandfreckles

    I follow Solange and she never posted many pictures of Bey in the first place…

  • Kai26

    My annoyance is with the people who watched the video and then projected their own feelings about Solange onto Jay Z as to the reason why she was attacking him.
    What is more is the rampant misogyny directed toward Solange, referring to her as ‘crazy’ or ‘mentally ill’.

    People are just being too dramatic about this.

    • Delia

      Agreed! ‘Drunk’ was another one she got. Solange walked out that place head high, wobble free and got in that limo while Jay-Z was rejected from the ride….This is clearly passion of an incident we will likely never know

  • Rukyoftheyear

    How many pics did Solange have of Bey in the first place? That’s what i’d like to know.

  • miseducated

    If it was him attacking her, your aristocratic behinds would be all over it! What she did was WRONG and should be addressed. Why don’t we teach our girls to NOT put their hands on ANY man?! Get real !!!