In January we wrote about the exploitation of Vine star Lil TerRio. Now, the six year-old has released a new music video where he dances around unknown rappers and dancers doing his signature “Oooh Killem” move. Sad.

And what makes this even sadder is the 1st grade student is possibly on his way to signing a record deal with DJ Khalid according to Mass Appeal.

From Mass Appeal:

According to Jesse Edwards, the publicist manning Lil TerRio’s upcoming project, “the management are behind [the album]. They’re trying to capitalize in any way possible. The kid is 6-years old, he doesn’t know what is going on. But he does like rapping. And these ideas for the Vines, these creative ideas, that’s all him.”

Check out some snippets from our past feature:

“A little boy, who based on these tweets, is being steered towards an unfortunate direction. Ideally, I’d be amazing if TerRio’s family was pimping him out to avoid the pitfalls of Sallie Mae and other private student loan companies. However, that comes across as wishful thinking.

To be fair, TerRio’s family may be exploitative, but they’re not the first to do it nor will they be the last. I was just as uncomfortable watching Willow Smith express her desire to be with her friends versus on a video shoot as I am watching TerRio’s face plastered on a club flier. Likewise, I question the parents who allowed their kids to go on a show entitled Rich Kids of Beverly Hills knowing the whole slant is “spoiled, rich brats gone wild.”

Still, TerRio’s Internet celebrity and the methodology behind arguably illustrate the bottom of the barrel portion of child exploitation in entertainment. Maybe we needed to see this to make us all take a step back and let these damn kids be kids. To that end, get that lil’ boy out of the club and stop soliciting Facetime chats with random strangers and let him go to class…and recess.”

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