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The pregnant, 27-year-old Sudanese woman who was condemned to death in September for renouncing Islam gave birth to a baby girl on Wednesday.

Meriam Ibrahim has been incarcerated for eight months and still faces an immediate punishment of 100 lashes for adultery – despite being extremely thin and weak – unless her appeal is successful.

“We have lodged an appeal for her but if the verdict does not come back in two weeks’ time, she will be given the 100 lashes,” says a spokesperson for the U.S.-based campaign group Justice Centre Sudan.

Ibrahim’s husband, Daniel Wani, who is a U.S. citizen of New Hampshire, tells the BBC he’s hopeful the appeal will succeed. He’s most concerned about the couple’s 20-month-old son, Martin, who has been living with his mother in prison since February.

“His attitude has changed a lot,” Wani says of his son. “He used to be a happy boy. When I went there, he just looked at me. No smile.”

The U.K., U.S., and the Netherlands have petitioned for Ibrahim’s release. But the Sudanese government is adamant about continuing with the barbaric punishment.

The court says Ibrahim will be allowed to nurse baby Maya for two years before the death sentence is carried out.

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  • Lisss

    I truly pray and hope that they release her soon and that the international pressure does not waver. Furthermore, i hope her case bring international attention to other prisonners of faith: Asia Bibi, Pastor Saeed Abedini, Kenneth Bae….and many others.

    • Mary Burrell

      @Liss: My sentiments exactly. This is my prayer for this whole situation.

  • GeekMommaRants

    I say this all the time. Religion is organized insanity. The reason these crazy adults would sentence this poor woman to a 100 lashes and the death penalty is insane religious beliefs found in the Koran. A book of perverted insanity so many are forced to folllow. Islam does not acknowledge personal agency for women or men for that matter. Religion ruins everything!