The word “diva” may have several connotations – many negative – but Angela Patton, founder and CEO of Camp Diva, seeks to reclaim the word and redefine it in the positive.

“What our philosophy is, is that every girl who comes into our program is divine,” Patton tells HuffPost Live. “And what our vision is, is to help nurture that potential within each girl.”

Camp Diva, which is also in memory of a little girl named ‘Diva,’ is based in Richmond, Va. It caters to mostly African-American girls from low-income areas, and its aim is to expose the girls to healthy eating habits, financial management, advanced education, and exercise practices like yoga and swimming.

Watch the video to learn more about the little girl named Diva and the camp named in her honor:


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  • Brad

    Just the type of program many don’t realize exists. There are programs out there to benefit and help your black girls.

    It’s fantastic that this is getting some media attention.

  • Brownieluv

    The death of the little girl is sad. I wish people would be more responsible.

    But I love programs like this, those that do good things for girls, their self esteems, teaching them to love and take care of themselves.

  • Stacy L.


  • lil ray

    YES finally thanks for highlighting Camp Diva, this the type of programs that are needed for our daughters, yes they do exist but imo are few and far between and need our support behind them.