FILE: Tiffany Earnings Up 50% Tiffany's First Quarter Earnings Rise 25 Percent

Apparently a top executive at Tiffany & Co. thinks the company is racist. Michael McClure, a group director for two Tiffany Stores in Texas, says the company keeps black people out of upper management due to their antiquated views. McClure recently filed a lawsuit against the company in Manhattan federal court.

In McClure’s lawsuit, he states that the company doesn’t think black people can represent the company.

McClure says he’s the only black person among more than 200 management-level staffers nationwide who deal directly with customers — and he’s in danger of losing his job.

The threat comes from a new boss expressing surprise that “a black man was representing the Tiffany brand” and Tiffany’s history of bias, the suit says.

According to the NY Times, McClure has worked for the company for over 10 years and even had glowing performance reviews. That was until last year when the new senior vice president for North America at the time, Anthony Ledru, asked store and group directors to send him photographs of themselves for his travel purposes. And that’s when Ledru found out someone black was working for the company.

After the photo request, McClure’s next performance review was negative. He was given a warning and his job was threatened. This all happened even with his sales skyrocketing in both of his stores. He was then denied a bonus, which the lawsuit cites was an  “apparent agenda to get rid of him from the start and racial bias at Tiffany”.

Tiffany spokesman Linda Buckley said the “lawsuit allegations are completely without merit,” adding, “We welcome and value diversity in all forms.”

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