tracee_articleActors Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson head to ABC in the fall, starring in the new comedy Blackish.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Comedy Blackish, loosely based on the life of [writer] Kenya Barris (The Game), stars Anderson as an upper-middle-class black man who struggles to raise his children with a sense of cultural identity despite constant contradictions from his liberal wife, old-school father and his own assimilated, color-blind kids…Sources tell THR that the comedy tested extremely well and helped push the entry over the similarly themed Kevin Hart comedy Keep It Together.

Barris shares the real-life inspiration behind the show:

“I decided to do this project when I looked up and realized that everywhere I go I’m constantly the fly in buttermilk… I’m usually THE Black guy at work. We’re THE Black family in the neighborhood. My kids are basically THE Black kids at school. I think it’s kind of a situation of be careful what you wish for. It’s almost in like moving on up, I’ve sort of priced myself ‘out’ of being Black.”

Laurence Fishburne executive produces Blackish and appears in a reoccurring role as Anderson’s old-school father.

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  • Me27

    I gave up on network TV years ago, but I love Tracee Ellis Ross; so I will give this show a try.

  • Vag Owner

    i just wish it had another name. it seems like a great idea. i just hate equating blackness with a poverty/low class culture

  • mshickman_31088

    No hate towards Tracee Ross but is it that hard to find a black actress in Hollywood who doesn’t have a white parent?

    • chanela

      ROFL it sure does seem that way doesn’t it? that’s just what casting asks for. if they need ratchet women who can twerk or if they need a slave movie THEN they’ll ask for fully black women.mixed women are seen are the “normal” non threatening black women.