This week, supermodels Tyson Beckford and Marcus Schenkenberg paid a visit to HuffPost Live to discuss their participation in the first-ever Supermodel Cycle, which benefits the Boys and Girls Club, and how they’ve managed to stay so fit and fine over the years.

But Beckford had a little more on his mind than Supermodel Cycle. He also discussed the lack of diversity in the fashion industry.

“Out of all the industries I find — me personally and I think that a lot of people will agree with me — that fashion is very racist,” Beckford said during his visit to HuffPost Live.

Beckford said diversity isn’t exactly a problem when it comes to male models, but the women’s side is anything but.

“This past season during fashion week, you might go to a show and it’s all white girls. Not one Asian or Black or Latino girl was in it. It kind of makes that ethnic race of people feel like they’re not important or being catered to,” Beckford said. “There’s more diversity needed in it. But fashion is the most racist business out right now.”

Beckford is also a part of several top black models who have been speaking out against the fashion industry. Beckford’s manager, Bethann Hardison, created the Diversity Coalition which aims to shed light on the lack of diversity and increase it.

Beckford says that key players within the fashion world — such as designers, stylists, modeling agencies, and bookers — are the ones that can really help solve the problem by hiring more black models.

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  • Sad

    There goes a successful Black man trying to cause confusion around here by being an advocate for Black women.

    • IdiotDrool

      Yes because he shouldn’t say anything, just watch and let it happen.

      Maybe the “confusion” is with people’s inability to accept men as feminist activities, which honestly is a very narrow way of thinking. The only way things change is when people, not just women, are giving the opportunity to be proactive. Don’t slam him cause he’s actually doing something right.

    • Sad

      The sarcasm was obviously lost on you. Many women on this website generalize and project sever anger and hatred towards Black men for no other reason but their own personal circumstance and horrible life choices. Do yourself a favor and scan the topics where you will find bitter commentary and hatred towards even Black boys.

      Evidence such as this is contrarian to their stupid theories, which explains why they always avoid threads like this, lest their crazy heads explode.

  • deniseHux

    Heavens I’ve always loved this man

  • Tabatha

    This is news to whom? Sooo whats new?

  • Mary Burrell

    He was pretty successful.