In an effort to aid democracy and political stability in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the U.S. has pledged $30M on the grounds that President Joseph Kabila doesn’t seek a third term, which is a violation of the country’s constitution.

That’s $30 million to not run again. It’s more than double the $12M the U.S. gave to support democratic elections and political stability last year. (Total U.S. aid to the Democratic Republic of Congo through 2013 was around $210 million.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who is currently on tour in Africa, says the country needs to finalize the schedule for its 2016 elections.

“The sooner the process is announced, the sooner that the date is set, the sooner people have an ability to be able to participate,” Kerry told reporters after his meeting in Kabila. “And we believe it ought to be done in keeping with the constitutional process of the country.”

It is unknown if Kabila has agreed to the pledge.


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  • Ask_Me

    SMH…the congo will learn one day…the USA doesn’t do anything or give anything without strings attached.

  • 9Boots

    Give me the $30 million and I’ll be sure, to make sure that he does not run again.

  • Jenb

    This is pathetic. You shouldn’t have to pay people to not be an evil, selfish, terrible leader. Instead of paying someone off, they need to toss his butt in jail if he violates the law. On the other hand, what type of country would accept money from another country in exchange for you giving up power. Anyone who takes that deal is dumb deaf and blind. When is the last time the England accepted money from the US to not have a certain prime minister?

    • Ask_Me

      Think about it….USA gets Congo’s mineral wealth….they get a new president (one more aligned with USA’s interest) and 30 million dollars. It is an unfair trade to those of us looking in from the outside, but for a poor country run into the ground by piss poor leaders it sounds good.

    • Jenb

      True. It’s best for the people to get rid of him, by any means necessary. I would love to see the Congo develop. If they were to develop on the same level as Botswana or South Africa in the next 10-20 years that would be a major accomplishment. But it won’t happen with terrible leaders.

  • Kenan

    This has nothing to do with the US being “self righteous”. This country pimps out other countries waaaaaaay too much.