After witnessing a neighborhood dog attacking her owner’s 4-year-old son out of nowhere, the family cat Tara came to rescue and saved the day. Tara not only stopped the dog from attacking the child, but she chased him down the street.

“Thankfully my son is fine!” Roger Triantafilo said in the description of the surveillance video footage he posted on YouTube.

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  • ALM247

    That my friends is the definition of “ride or die”….not only did the cat run the dog off, but the cat kept circling near the vehicle to make sure that the dog did not return.

  • Brownieluv

    That was a mean dog. I mean, he sought out the little boy just to attack him, and for no reason at that.

    I bet that cat will be like royalty in their family, lol. This video almost makes me like cats.

  • Anthony

    That was a neat clip. I think the cat came over to help the boy, but some might argue the cat was just happy to fight a dog in its space.