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V. Stiviano has been a busy woman. On top of taking down a NBA franchise, she apparently a foster mom to two boys and looking forward to possibly adopting them. The boys are 12 and 13, and according to the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services were approved to move in with V. Stiviano.

A social worker signed off on Stiviano as the boys’ temporary guardian after visiting the three-bedroom, $1.8-million home the Clippers owner bought for her last year. The social worker’s visit came just hours before Stiviano gave an interview to ABC’s Barbara Walters, in which she denied being Sterling’s mistress and said she did not believe he is a racist.

The approval “happened in the middle of all the craziness,” said her lawyer, Mac Nehoray.

According to Nehoray, a RadarOnline report that the boys are African-American is false. One boy is of “Cambodian Mexican descent and one is Mexican and Native American descent,” Nehoray said.

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