OkayAfrica.com has released its latest episode of The Roots Of...series, which follows celebrities as they find out where in Africa their ancestors hailed from. Previously, Roots band mates Questlove and Black Thought, rapper Q-tip, The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams, and The Wire’s Michael K. Williams have all found out what African tribe they come from, and this time, the folks over at African Ancestry focused their attention on singer Erykah Badu.

Although Badu’s music and style incorporates several Afrocentric influences, the Dallas native admitted she never really wondered about her roots. Instead, Badu, who has received spiritual readings throughout the diaspora, said she was “satisfied with just the knowing that [she was] part of the all.”

Still, Badu agreed to let the folks over at African Ancestry test her DNA and learn the region, country and tribe of her matrilineal ancestors.

Take a look:

Have you ever traced your DNA? Visit African Ancestry to learn how.

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