High school students across the country are now opening their mailboxes and inboxes to see if their college of their choice has accepted them. Thanks to HooplaHa, we can see the reactions of students after receiving probably the most important piece of mail in their lives.

It’s exciting to see high school students jumping for joy after receiving their letter. BUT I just hope that the same excitement stays with them throughout their years in college. We all know, once college is over, the student loan reality sets in and that is nothing to be excited about!

Clutchettes, how did you react when you received your acceptance letters? 

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  • Brad

    I just love this one myself it always brings tears to my eyes.

    Nia’s reaction to getting accepted into her dream school, Spelman.
    Published on Dec 26, 2012



  • Brad

    I remember the day my oldest got into her first choice college. They showed her status as being accepted on her online application and I called just to make sure it was official. Me and my wife bought Orange and Green balloons and got a card and cake.

    She was sitting at the kitchen table trying to make since of her Pre-Calc. home work. I walked in with my wife and I pretended to fuss about her using the car. Then we surprised her with the cake, balloons and the card.

    There were no tears or anything other than the ones that came after that, trying to get her out of senioritis(lol).

    I sincerely say that next to her birth it was one of my most memorable moments concerning her.

  • Objection

    I can’t wait to see the video showing the first student loan payment.

    • Brad

      They’ll make student loan payments on average of about $300 or so a month. About the price of a loaded down cable bill or a cell phone payment or even Obama care. It’s a lot but, it is just another monthly bill.

      But, in turn those graduates would have taken experiences that they’ll cherish over a life time. Not only that the majority of those graduates will be working professional jobs. Making considerable more than what they would have made working at Burger King, McDonalds or some other lower wage job.

      I say for those of us who do have to pay student loans back it is a fair enough trade.

    • Objection
    • Brad

      Still it beats the alternative…

    • Objection

      You trying to convince me or yourself? Its time to face reality, a lot of college degrees are not worth the money.

    • Brad

      Please I graduated so many years ago I don’t need any convincing. Now, I will say that cost I paid for college was dramatically lower than what is charged today.

    • Objection

      Disclaimer: If “Good times” was a hit show when you graduated from college, my comment doesn’t apply to you.

    • Brad

      I am of “The Cosby Show” class of 91, my brothers actually are of the “Good Times” class ;-)

    • Objection

      Good to know you have a sense of humor. But I swear I read somewhere you graduated when “That’s My Mama” first aired in 1974. :)

    • Brad

      That would have been nice because I would be so retired by now….

    • Brownieluv

      Student loans are the devil, but some of them may have scholarships or may gain scholarships that can help them or pay for their whole (or partial) college experience. Then there are loan forgiveness programs. And then some parents save money from the child’s birth.

      We’re saving for our children’s college tuition right now.

  • KareBear

    As a counselor I live for these moments! I’m crying for these folks as if I know them!

  • Brad

    It’s all worth it in the end debt or not debt.


    Emotions overflowed at Spelman College’s 127th commencement.