I’m scared y’all. 

According to film and TV blog Shadow & Act, WordStarHipHop (WSHH) is teaming up with Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim for a new pilot.

The unnamed show will reportedly capture “the energy and style of the #1 urban website featuring a celebrity guest in a very World Star world.”

And that’s why I’m afraid, very afraid.

Since it’s launch in 2005, WSHH has made its name by featuring the most controversial, and dare I say, “ratchet,” videos on the web.  From street fights and rap beefs, to hardcore porn and viral memes, WSHH is not known for its highbrow, or even remotely positive content.

But people love it. Although WSHH won’t disclose just how much money it rakes in, it is one of the top 1000 websites in the world, currently ranked 768th globally and 209th in the U.S.

While many have criticized WSHH for capitalizing on content they claim makes Black folks look bad, the site’s founder, Lee ‘Q’ O’Denat, says he’s just an easy target.

“It’s very easy to point your fingers at me,” O’Denat told NPR’s Marketplace last year. “I wear my hat to the back. I have diamond necklaces. If I had different attire, different ethnic[ity], wore button-ups or whatever, they wouldn’t really look down on me.”

It remains to be seen what Adult Swim, home to shows like the Boondocks, Robot Chicken, and Loiter Squad, and WSHH will come up with. But I just hope it won’t live up to one of my Facebook pals’ warning and “shoot the African-American image into the deep depths of media hell.”

Stay tuned.

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