boko-haram-428-ts300Ten generals and five other senior military officers have been found guilty of providing arms and sensitive information to Boko Haram extremists, the Associated Press reports. The Nigerian military insists it’s all a “falsehood.”

But just last year, President Goodluck Jonathan said that he believed some members of the military and his own government belonged to Boko Haram. In January, he fired his entire military command and a few weeks later replaced the defense minister.

It is unclear if the 15 guilty officers are part of the new command or not.

Politicians and soldiers tell AP that some senior officers help the Islamic extremists and that some rank-and-file soldiers fight alongside the rebels and then return to army camps. They also say that information provided by army officers has helped Boko Haram ambush military convoys and attack army barracks and outposts.

Leadership newspaper quotes one officer as saying that four other officers, in addition to the 15, were found guilty of “being disloyal and for working for the members of the sect.”

Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Chris Olukolade “wishes to state once again categorically that there is no truth whatsoever in the report.”

The guilty verdicts are being referred to defense headquarters in Abuja where the officers’ fates will be decided.


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  • Anthony

    I heard about this Monday on BBC. Defectors and aid from the military are the only logical explanation for the poor performance of the military against Boko Haram.

  • omfg

    If I were Nigerian and had a way to leave, I would do so quickly, esp if I wasn’t Muslim.

    • Anthony

      I really doubt if Boko Haram will ever do anything south of Abuja or the Jos Plateau. The west and south have way too many Christians, and a real war would break out if churches were hit there.

      I think Boko Haram are being supported because the North is not happy with Goodluck Jonathan being president.

    • omfg

      U really need to read .

      Africa us increasingly becoming islamicized. The wealthiest people are Muslims.

      The government, which is overrun by muslims, is not doing anything.

      Muslim recently took over the government in the ivory coast they are fighting in c.a.r. I think you are not seeing it.

      They are trying to take over Nigeria and it’s oil. Lol.

    • Anthony

      Africa is what I teach for a living. I have lived in Nigeria, Sudan, and South Africa.

    • omfg

      I don’t care what u teach. U r not seeing the trends.

    • Anthony

      So you know everything I know or think based on two posts?

    • IO505

      Interesting. How did you like Nigeria if you don’t mind me asking? Also, which part of South Africa did you live in?

    • Anthony

      I’ve spent time in all of South Africa except the Northen Cape, but I have spent the most time in Johsnnesburg and Cape Town.

      I stayed in Ibadan as exchange faculty for two summers and I visited Osogbo and Benin City. I like Nigeria, the infrastructure is frustrating, but the people are good, if aggressive sometimes. I honestly think some of the tension between African Americans and Nigerians is that in some ways we are pretty similar.

    • IO505

      I was the one who posted that comment btw, though I’m not sure what happened with it. Thanks for your answers. I’d like to be as well-traveled myself some day although I have both lived in Nigeria and visited SA (Western Cape) myself.
      There are many similarities across groups in Africa and throughout the diaspora that I’ve picked up as well (outside the artistic cultural aspects and phenotype, that is), including our mannerisms. lol

    • Anthony

      I heard about CAR, and there has been a major up tick in Muslim led violence. I do not believe they are anywhere close to overrunning the continent even though they will have success in some places.

    • omfg

      Um Muslims run much of west Africa, n Africa and par ts of east Africa.

      Do I need give the run down of all of the countries?

      There hasn’t been an uptick in violence in car. There was a coup – they removed them from power there.

    • eve-audrey

      I agree with you. Especially as finger pointing muslim populations that have been there for as long as everyone else is not helpful.

      Islam is not overrunning the continent. More african muslims are embracing the radical views of al qaeda. That’s the problem and we should not forget socio economical issues. Boko haram has been able to ake the north east because president jonathan’s government have given up that region. People are suffering while they see the south booming. And the south is filled with christians.

    • Anthony

      You also have to remember that from the point if view of a Southerner like Jonathan, the North and West came and shot up Biafra when it tried to get independence, and the government fought to hold onto the Delta when the local people at the heart of the oil production wanted their share. He is being consistent in never caring about the little people since no other president ever did either.

    • eve-audrey

      Well we can agree he’s been doing a pretty bad job

    • eve-audrey

      Africa is not becoming more islamicized. The same countries that are historically majority muslim are still majority muslim. Boko haram is fighting hard in nigeria BECAUSE of the increasing number of christians in the country.

      I do not know which west african countries you are talking about. But simply put many countries in the north west and east of africa historically have always had heavy muslim populations due to the proximity and cultural common points with north africa. But not all.

      The more you go south of the continent the more you find christian populations. As far as wealthy african people go i don’t think their religion is what matters when it comes to their wealth. Virtually every african president is dirt rich and out of the 54 countries i’d say most of them are christians.

      Christian nigerians have no more reasons to run away than muslim nigerians who get killed by boko haram too. I think your analysis is flawed and to heavily influenced by the western fear of islam. This is not what will solve the problem of terrorist organizations in africa.

    • eve-audrey

      And why would not the ivorian government be representative of it’s population? 40% of all the ivory coast population is muslim. That it reflects in the government is not a danger in itself.

  • mshickman_31088

    So their government was in on those kidnappings all along?

    • IO505

      There are a lot of shady people in high places.