My grandmother always said to never trust people with neck tattoos. Authorities say a man and a woman are facing charges after a first-grader took 11 packets of heroin to a Philadelphia school.

School officials say 20 students at Barry Elementary School in the city’s Cobbs Creek section were taken to a hospital after a teacher saw a 6-year-old girl playing with one of the packets.

No injuries were reported, although police say one of the packets appeared to have been bitten and a girl was complaining of stomach pains.

Police and prosecutors said Wednesday that 28-year-old Christopher Troy-Jenkins White and 32-year-old Marie Hunter are charged with endangerment and narcotics possession.

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  • Ask_Me

    The site is going heavy on the crime news, celebrity news, and studies. Can we get some opinion posts again? Also, Rudy Dee is dead! Where is her article? I just started reading her book with Ossie this week…R.I.P

    • kisakisa


      I support Clutch and I hope Clutch readers can support me as well. TY

    • Mr. Z

      I was first brought to this website because of the opinionated “She said, He said” topics. I’m taking it however that they stopped them.

    • Ask_Me

      I didn’t think the “She said, He said” articles were that great. However, there used to be some writers here that I don’t see anymore and I enjoyed their commentary.

    • Mr. Z

      I found some of the articles to be so-so. The most interesting one to me however, was the one about being “financially smart/labeled a gold digger.” But i digress.

      I found myself more intrigued by the arguments/debates going on within the comment section. There are a few people i would love to debate with on here.

    • Ask_Me

      I think this site needs to recruit some new writers. There are plenty of black bloggers out there…maybe they can syndicate some of their content rather than rehashing the stuff from Bossip, XoJane, and Frisky.

    • Mr. Z

      I haven’t been on here long enough to see repeats, but i’m sure when i have the free time to catch up and read, i’ll see what you mean.

      Not going to lie, i was tempted to submit an idea for a “she/he said” but just haven’t pushed myself to do it.

    • Me

      yea. i kinda liked those too. now the only opinion i see are the really nasty ones they throw in at the end of their articles throwing shade like those gossip posts. this site is going to the birds lately.

    • Mr. Z

      I would like to see them bring it back but with more engagement and interesting debates and less of the “your a woman/man hater” debacle. But hey its an open forum, people are free to express their opinions.

    • Tanielle

      I’ve seem some interesting topics/debates start in the comments here and think it would be great for the writers to monitor and then do articles about those topics. They have done it before and I think it’s turned out pretty well in the past.

    • NBWX3

      Not the wench material you are accustomed to?