Suspected Boko Haram gunmen have allegedly kidnapped 20  more women from an area in Northeast Nigeria near Chibok, where more than 200 girls were kidnapped on April 15.

According to reports, the kidnappings happened last Thursday in the Garkin Fulani settlement. Women were forced into the abductor’s cars by gunpoint.

Alhaji Tar, a member of the vigilante groups set up to resist Boko Haram’s attacks, said the group also took three young men who tried to stop the kidnapping.

“We tried to go after them when the news got to us about three hours later, but the vehicles we have could not go far, and the report came to us a little bit late,” he said.

The Nigerian military has come under rising criticism from Nigerians who say they’re not protected by the security forces, left to fend off attacks by Boko Haram on their own.

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