Summer is well and truly under way and while it’s my favorite time for looking good – less rain to mess up my hair and more excuses for pedicures – all that sun and heat means paying a little bit more attention to feeling good as well. The human body is more than two-thirds water and keeping yourself juiced up goes a long way to making sure joints, eyes, brain, skin have the fluids they need while aiding digestion and keeping the skin healthy¬†this season.

On an average day, the average woman needs about 2.2 liters and the average man needs about 3 liters of water from foods and drinks to stay hydrated. As the heat increases, you are more likely to lose these fluids and natural salts through perspiration so it’s important replenish yourself through out the day. Lots of sports drinks claim to be able to do the job but you can avoid the additives and see real results with some of these deliciously natural sources of hydrating nutrients.

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  • chivalrous1won

    nice article….glad the benefits of water from food was highlighted….I’d be careful about ordering lemon with water though depending on the establishment….if you saw some of the preparers you would too

  • Mary Burrell

    I buy my own lemons and will start using them in my water good article.

  • This article outlines great advice. I love strawberries and a lot of other fruits, because they make me feel more relaxed and healthier. Obviously, water is extremely important for human beings to drink. The other foods mentioned signify the paramount importance of nutrient-rich foods & healthy living.