061114 Trust in TV Results

Nearly all news outlets claim to the be “the most trusted news source.” But apparently only Fox News can say that and MSNBC better not utter it at all, according to a Brookings and Public Religion Research Institute poll.

Who participated in this survey? I demand a recount!

While Republicans and conservatives worship Fox, Democrats, moderates and liberals split viewership between broadcast news and CNN. But as a whole, most Americans favor Fox slightly over broadcast news.

Truth be told, I only tuned it to Fox to watch Saturday night episodes of Cops and America’s Most Wanted. But I, too, tend to lean towards broadcast news and CNN.

Oddly, the Daily Show with John Stewart made the cut, albeit at eight percent. Still, can someone tell the young folk that’s not news?

See the full results of the survey here. 

Clutchettes and Gents, besides the web, who do you turn to for the news?

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