Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 7.54.30 AMWe live among some sick bastards who get kicks out of targeting innocent kids. Indiana mom Alfreda Murphy opened her mail on Saturday to find an anonymous letter threatening to snatch her two oldest daughters, CBS 2 reports.

The unsigned letter was actually postmarked and mailed to her house. “You have two lovely daughters,” the letter reads. “I and my friend have watched them ever since they moved in…[We] almost had them on Thursday evening, will keep trying…Thank you!”

The approximately 60-word letter – which was postmarked June 6 – also details the girls’ whereabouts two days prior. The author warns, “We will get them.

The mother of six promptly called Gary police, who now has the letter as evidence. Murphy and her family just moved into that house two months ago.


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  • ALM247

    Human trafficking is real, folks. Apparently the traffickers are getting bolder.

    The police could track that postmark back to the place where it was mailed. There should be cameras on the post office’s property.

  • Kema

    This actually sounds like someone that doesn’t want them to live there trying to scare them away. What kidnapper actually warns you beforehand?

    • G

      True, why alert the person you’re going to snatch their kids?

    • therealmckoy

      It’s a scare tactic. It’s more effective when you tell someone “I’m gonna getcha,” because it puts someone on guard at all times, which the perp may get some form of arousal from. On the other side of the same token, say the perp does in fact find a vulnerability in your vigilance. The act and pursuit of trying to find and exploit that vulnerability is part of the challenge, like it’s some sick fantasy game. In essence, raising the stakes by telling your victim when you’re going to strike makes it that much more exciting and increases the thrill. It’s a sick interpretation and implementation of game theory.

  • G

    The look on this poor mother’s face says it all . . . . send prayers to her and the girls please!

  • Jay

    Ok, I might get angry responses, but how do we know this letter is legit and not just a ploy by the mother to get attention? There is this syndrome called Munchausen by proxy in which a parent creates false sickness in a child to get attention. Could this mother be creating a false alarm in order to get sympathy or attention? Look, I know that Black children get kidnapped all the time and the media does not pay attention so if this is real then I am happy that this is getting attention, but how many would be kidnappers alert you to the fact that they will be kidnapping your children? This could be real, but for me something in the stew don’t taste right…

    • ALM247

      You could have kept this comment. If there is even a 2% chance that this letter is legitimate, then that is enough.

      People are snatching women and girls left and right out here. There is a reason that more girls go missing than boys.

  • This is scary. I pray that they find the person who sent it.