In the photo above, you can see two different baby sling products made by Baby K’Tan.

On the right, you have a loving white couple with their baby all bundled up and cozy.  On the left, a black woman, who is not coupled, but is carrying a child. If one were to use deductive reasoning, the box with the black woman could imply that she’s a single mother, and the box on the right was a happily married white couple.

Peeps on Twitter caught the photo and have been calling out the company all morning.  But is the photo just a small picture of the bigger issue when it comes to black women in advertising? Or is the company trying to be all inclusive when it comes to depicting black mothers?

Clutchettes, what do you think about the photo packaging on the product?


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  • Cumberbatchfan

    80% of ALL black American children are born to single unmarried mothers. Past and present. So the real issue is this product is exactly what’s goin on in the entire black population yet we don’t want to see our reality laid out in front of us.
    It sucks but it’s true.

  • Myra Francois

    This was a good discussion. The element of education may come into play when discussing marital rates among mothers. Apparently a study concluded that women (of any race) who had attended college were more likely to be married when having children. A couple of you commented that most mothers that you knew were coupled/married. Would you be willing to elaborate on their levels of education? Just curious as to how said study would hold up in this small sampling.

    • Cumberbatchfan

      Only 20-25% of black children are born to married parents and that’s about the percentage of married blacks with degrees. So no need to elaborate. College educated blacks tend to hang around like minded people. So I don’t need to hear a damn thing from the 20% the minority that’s trying to pretend they’re he majority.

      I personally am in school. Won’t be having kids until I have a masters and am married. I can’t act like I’m the majority.

    • Me

      when your high school reunion come around you should go & take a quick poll of how many people actually fit those made up stats. you’ll see how far off they really are. i know my high school graduating class definitely don’t fit the stereotype. that’s outta 400+ students. some that went to college, some that didn’t. most of the moms from my high school class are married. while you go through college, you should learn how to think for yourself & question stats before you take them as gospel. just b/c somebody wrote it down don’t make it a fact.

    • Me

      i think your question was to me… most of my friends are college educated… a lot went on or are going to grad school. as far as my family, my parent’s generation are all high school or less & my generation is mixed almost right down the middle b/t only high school vs college. the 2 single moms in my family one is a college grad & the other one didn’t finish. outta my friends only 1 was a single mom… they got married though & had 2 more kids afterwards. so outta maybe 10 close friends nobody that has kids is unmarried. if i go out to some friends that i’m cool with but not close, then some stereotypes finally start showing up, but still low numbers. i got one that’s still single & she has 3 kids. college grad. 1 who’s expecting. she’s married to a white guy. 1 that had a kid back in high school who’s a teen now & she didn’t go to college. and one more who had a son in college stayed w/the dad & got married when the kid was a preteen. the rest are either married w/kids or single w/no kids. i could keep expanding my circle if you wanna know more about my pov.

  • Tonididitonem

    Once again I see black men using this to attack black women. Saying the company is hinting at black women being too difficult that they can’t keep a man. Or or or they’re saying black men are shitty excuses for fathers and men in general. You be the judge. Love how they somehow deflect stereotypes about them unto black women. But lemme mind my business *insert Kermit the frog meme here*