Comedian Mike Epps is known for lighting up the screen and stage with his adept sense of humor, but according to an Atlanta comic, Epps can’t take a joke.

Lavar Walker says his 15-second Vine video poking fun at the social media kerfuffle between Kevin Hart and Epps led to a brutal attack outside an Atlanta comedy club.

Walker claims he saw Epps at the Uptown Comedy Club and the comedian asked to see him outside. Though he thought they were just going to talk, when he exited the club, Walker alleges members of Epps’ entourage attacked him.

According to bystanders, Epps and his friends pummeled Walker while he begged them to stop.

“He was basically pleading for them to stop,” Bo Micadelic, a comic who witnessed the attack, told WSBTV.

As Walker dialed 9-11, Micadelic told reporters Epps taunted him.

“Mike Epps walked back out the deck, looked at Lavar and said, ‘Are you going to call the police now?’ And then he said, ‘Don’t make any more videos of me.’”

Micadelic said he was surprised by the brutal assault, given Epps’ high-profile career.

“I was shocked by it all to go down like that, especially with Mike Epps who’s supposed to be a superstar. Why would he get involved in something?”

Walker’s attorney Chris Stewart said the comedian plans to pursue criminal and civil action against Epps.

“This type of violence over silly things like a joke video has to stop and people have to be held accountable for it,” Stewart said.

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