On the heels of the Washington Redskins’ trademark being revoked, the award-winning Canadian band A Tribe Called Red decided to send a message to the white people who feel the Redskins should be allowed to keep their name.

The t-shirt is a play on Chief Wahoo and the Cleveland Indians logo — and is meant to draw attention to the imagery used for teams with offensive names —the and the t-shirt is called the: Caucasians.

Native Americans have battled for years to get offensive team names removed, but as much as I understand their plight and irony of the Caucasians t-shirt, something tells me that white people would buy this and wear it proudly.

Basically because some of them probably wouldn’t get the meaning of the t-shirt and those who do, would be eager to make a mockery of it.


Clutchettes, what do you think of the Caucasians t-shirt?

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  • Undead Librarian

    “Caucasian” is not offensive and there’s really no connection to the word beyond a check mark on a Census form. Most of us couldn’t even tell you why we’re called Caucasian in the first place.

    Even if you used other terms like “cracker,” “redneck,” or “honky;” it wouldn’t make much of a difference. These are all terms coined by white people to call other (poorer) white people. The history of the usage of these type of words are different than other racial slurs. The venom isn’t there. The few times I’ve been called any of these words I was more surprised that anyone actually used them than I was hurt.

    And that’s part of the problem. It’s hard for a lot of white people to understand how a word can hurt someone when words don’t hurt us. You have to purposefully get out of your comfort zone to try to understand something that you will never fully understand. Many people aren’t going to do that.

    The other problem is how some portions of the white community embrace these types of words. Redneck pride is huge. Even traditionally anti-white words like “peckerwood” have become a source of pride for white supremacy groups. I honestly can’t think of any word that would have the same effect for the white community that “redskin” and other words have for their respective communities.

    And yes, no matter what you put, someone is going to wear the t-shirt.

    • spiderbucket

      We get it. You are not one of the bad ones.

  • spiderbucket

    Maybe getting a sense of humor would help ? And while I personally don’t give a fuck – it’s not just white people who want to keep the name. “We got a black quarterback so step back!”